Body positivity, our view

So, you'll notice that our messages will talk a LOT about body positivity (we might also call it 'body pos', or 'body posi'), and we'll be talking a lot about how it relates to good mental and spiritual health. Its an essential part of a conversation that we here at Anam really want to open up and spread far and wide!


 So, what are we talking about when we say ‘body positive’? Its rather straightforward, really! Simply being comfortable in your own body, no matter what your size, age, shape, or level of athletic ability may be, is pretty much the goal!


There is so much negativity these days related to people’s pursuit of rigourous and impractical health goals. Ok, Crossfit models look great, and those girls on magazine covers and ads and all those Youtube stars with millions of subscribers may have stunning profiles. Good for them! But you know that for most of us, maintaining a perfectly tailored photogenic appearance isnt a constant top priority. We have families, we have jobs, we have schedules, hobbies, and obligations.


 People have lived happy and meaningful lives for tens of thousands of years without the pressures of ridiculous ‘beauty industry’ standards. Body positivity encapsulates all these notions, and says a firm, “no thank you” to anything that suggests you should feel bad about yourself when you’re just living your life and minding your own business like everyone else.


The simple fact of the matter is that no, you don’t need to get up at 430am and hit the gym for two hours before work to look and feel great. You dont need to punish yourself in outlandish ways just to emulate some Instagram ‘celebrity’ or (god forbid!) some size-zero supermodel. You don’t need to starve yourself or criticise yourself. Body positivity is about focussing on the good things about yourself, and understanding that your soul truly comes first!


We all know the heartbreaking consequences of unhealthy self-criticism, and we all know it’s so unnecessary! You wouldn’t ever recommend to someone you love that they should spend time obsessing over what they see as the worst things about themselves. You would probably try to convince them that its mostly in their head!


Body positivity is about checking that whole stream of unhelpful information, saying no thank you, and coming back to reality! Life is about living, and living is beautiful. Its too short to dwell on self-consciousness or negativity. So, don't wait for one more minute before treating yourself to a better you!


Do yoga, take a walk, enjoy the sunset, or make the most of a cup of coffee and a chat with your friends! Feel good about yourself for the good intentions you have, and it will shine through in your life!


Saying all this, overall, we believe that a body positive attitude can be beneficial for literally everyone, and we really want to do our part to develop this message, and we choose to actively wear this philosophy as a badge of pride. We pride ourselves on having a platform, and a cause that can actively make a real difference to real people, and we won't hesitate to actively push this great message out into the real world!