Anam has landed!!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Anam!
Yes, we’ve finally launched!  This is our first blog post, so we’ll introduce ourselves, and hopefully move swiftly along into the fun stuff!
So, who are we exactly? Anam is an activewear clothing brand for women of every shape and size. We’re not interested in yelling workout slogans at you or making lists of hardcore workout goals. We don’t advertise unrealistic lifestyles with supermodels or celebrities, champagne parties on luxury yachts, or crazy mountain-top bikini yoga sessions! Frankly, we think there’s quite enough of all that stuff already, and we’re aiming for something a bit different. (By the way, if that’s what your goals are, good luck to you, we sincerely hope it goes great, and of course you’re still very welcome to hang out here with us!)
What we really want is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles and body positivity for everyday, normal women at a relaxed pace. We don’t believe in shaming or judgement or rigorous scrutiny of calorie counts. Frankly, that all gets a bit tiresome and counter-productive after a while! 
“Anam” is the word for ‘soul’ in the Irish language, and thats what we’re really interested in nurturing! We believe in inclusivity. Our clothes are for fitness and relaxation, for periods of high activity and for chilling out, for the beach and the living room! We are a brand that encourages a body-positive attitude and a soulful confidence. Our collection has been specifically designed to complement aerobic exercise, yoga, walking, hiking, biking, dining, socialising, and to be as comfy as an old pair of PJs
So, having said all that, it's early 2019 and it's not too late for New Year’s resolutions (in our opinion anyway). We’ve resolved to try to make a difference in the health and happiness of our friends and family. 
Through this blog, we'll share health and fitness news, tips, and cheats. We'll also discuss the best ways to chill and stay healthy in body and soul. Feel free to engage with us in the comments below on anything you feel is relevant to an Anam Activewear lifestyle!