Activewear pieces every mum needs in her closet

Activewear has become the unofficial uniform of mums everywhere for a good reason: They’re comfortable, socially acceptable to wear in public, and they make us feel aerodynamic and primed for toddler chasing. 

But if you’re still on the fence of fully transitioning your wardrobe from summer dresses to bike shorts and sports bras, this love letter to activewear might just change your mind. Whether you’re super-mum of five, or a glowing first-time mum, these wardrobe essentials are going to change 👏  your 👏  life 👏

Bike shorts

Princess Diana was on to something with bike shorts. Do you remember seeing paparazzi pictures of her in bike shorts and an oversized jumper whilst out doing errands? Well now we know why! 

When you have a baby (or two!), there’s simply not enough time in the day to get dressed up every time you need to leave the house. Bike shorts are the chameleons of the fashion industry, making them a mum’s best friend. Functional yet stylish, they’re perfect for mums who don’t have the time to change in and out. There’s also something about hearing the slap of the elastic that makes you feel ready for the day. 

Our Anam shorts are THE best. With dual pockets, thick quality material, and a high waist, you’ll be able to carry all your necessities and feel secure and supported. 

Get your Anam shorts here.


Sports Bras

I think every mum can relate that motherhood, while magical, puts your body through a lot of stress. Sports bras are amazing at preventing irreversible damage to breast tissue caused by gravity. 

The Anam sports bra is perfect for low-impact exercise like going out for a brisk walk with the bubba and doing cleaning around the house. Trust me when I say that you’ll practically live in your sports bra chasing after the little ones!

Get your Anam Sports Bra here.

High-waisted tights

At Anam we wholeheartedly believe that every body is beautiful. And while no one needs to tuck their tummies, it’s nice to feel the extra support of high-waisted tights, especially after having a baby.

Anam’s high-waisted ⅞ tights are the star of the show; they are durable, comfortable and snug. The only downside to these tights is that you won’t be able to wear anything else. They are THAT comfortable. 

Get your Anam tights here.


If you decide to try any of the pieces listed above, make sure you let us know by tagging us on Instagram! We hope you love them!

X Leanne