How to stay healthy throughout the holidays

How can you stay healthy throughout the holiday season? Everyone expects it now - come Christmas day, your jeans automatically unbutton and everyone becomes too sluggish to function. 

While we welcome the scrumptious desserts, Christmas ham and barbeques, the team at Anam has come up with a few tips to help you feel good, energetic and healthy through the festive season. 

Watch what you’re drinking 

If you read one of our previous blog posts about hydration, you’ll know that excess salt and alcohol intake can be dehydrating. Plus beer or wine is equivalent to 600 kilojoules which takes a 20-minute run or a 30-minute walk to burn off. 

Now we’re not asking you to say no to all alcohol - after all, we’re sure to expect at least a little bit of wine during this season’s celebrations - but limit your alcohol intake. 

More importantly, drink plenty of water! Drinking water will also help prevent binge-eating. 

Plan ahead

If you know you’ll be attending a big Christmas dinner, plan ahead with the following: 

  • Have a lighter lunch or do extra exercise earlier in the day to compensate.
  • Have a healthy snack beforehand, so you don’t attend the dinner hungry.
  • Plan your portions and stick to them! 

It’s all about access

Keep the healthier Christmas foods, such as fruits, salads and seafood (as long as they’re not battered or fried!), easily available. 

But for the rest of the sugary, deep-fried Christmas treats, keep them in the pantry or fridge, so they’re out of sight and less tempting! 

Sharing is caring 

It’s that time of the year when we’ll be inundated with chocolates, lollies and wines. Reduce the temptation (as well as do a good deed!) by sharing them with others at the next Christmas gathering. 

If you’re hosting, offer any leftovers to your family, friends and neighbours to avoid indulging for days after. 

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep will help you feel good! Sleep is so important for optimal health and a positive mindset. No matter how busy you are, make sure you have a consistent, relaxing bedtime routine. By having a good sleep, you will get more done than being sleep-deprived! 


Extra exercise 

Now we’re not telling you that you need to be in the gym 24/7. Make the extra exercise extra fun - you can swim at the beach, walk around to admire the Christmas lights, or do a round of backyard cricket! 

You can also try including fitness movements, such as squats, lunges, shoulder taps and burpees, into your everyday activities at home. 

Wear your activewear

We don’t know if anyone has studied this (we think there should definitely be a study done!), but wearing activewear always makes us feel more productive! We don’t know if it’s the extra support, or if it’s a mood boost caused by a Pavlovian response, but we believe that it works. 

Try wearing the classic Anam shorts this Summer for that extra tummy tuck effect after a big dinner, and to convince you to go for that walk afterwards too.

Now go forth and enjoy the holiday season! 

Leanne xx